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How big are Soap shoes? (sizing, not popularity)
Aug 2, 2015 by SuicidalOrange

I've never had a pair of Soaps and when last I was here (in November) I couldn't find any in large sizes. Seems I missed a great sale in April but never mind - I looked today and there are Cleans and Tanks available!

The Cleans are European size 45 or 47 (UK 11 or 12+) and the Tanks are UK 12, but both come with the warning "Soaps are a tight fit and therefore you should choose one size up from your normal shoe size."

Now this is all well and good if shoes across brands were the same size but everyone knows they aren't. My feet are quite wide and I wear a size 10 or 11 usually, any advice which I should go for? I'm thinking bigger, can always wear extra socks...

Thanks for any thoughts!

Aug 3, 2015grug250

some of them are tight but most are a true fit bro i wear a 12 in soaps and normal shoes
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