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Custom grind Shoes
Aug 2, 2015 by Sambonie1

Hey guys just wanted to let ya know that there's a place on the web (also in USA and China) that makes SOAP shoes but custom called concept 21.

Aug 3, 2015grug250

concept 21 was the mother company of soap shoes back in the day ......are you saying they will make them for someone who asks ?

Aug 3, 2015Wesker

This is interesting B)

Aug 3, 2015Sambonie1

To grug250: yea me

Aug 3, 2015grug250

Sambonie ....so you're telling me they are going to make you a custom pair of shoes ?

Aug 4, 2015Sambonie1

not now I kinda pissed him off like I do with everyone. :(

Aug 10, 2015Waffle

Dunt worry sam. Ur a kewl guy and u dunt piss us off.

Aug 11, 2015Sambonie1

But there is another area that make shoes in Sydney

Sep 8, 2015mcgrinder2011

Whoa... this is way too good. I oughtta snag me a pair sometime.

Sep 12, 2015Ncaplan

Is someone making u shoes or nah?

Sep 12, 2015Ncaplan

Because that would be so sick

Sep 13, 2015Waffle

Ncaplan the shoes havennt been made since 2009.

Sep 13, 2015Ncaplan

I understand that but sambonie was saying there is a company that would possibly make them. Idk sorry if I'm just sounding really stupid rn 😂

Sep 17, 2015Waffle

Lets just hope they manufacture some just for tHr3
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