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Scorchers...Broadsides...HSL Trip
Jul 17, 2007 by AnthoFlex

Heres the deal guys:

This August, Myself (AnthoFlex), Trevor Fayas (SaPAuthor), and Steve Deel (Go2Crew) are heading over
to HSL to negotiate the re-release of the Scorcher and Broadside. However, without some re-assurance,
HSL will be most likely to shut the idea down.

This is where you come in. Are you interested in either the Scorcher or Broadside? Of course you are,
otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, hehe. We need you to email your:
Name, Age, Shoe size, and which one you would buy (Scorcher, Broadside, or BOTH-Only if you would buy 2 pairs) to BOTH email addresses of:

Renny "AnthoFlex" Castillo:

Trevor Fayas:

The Names and votes for shoes (Scorcher, Broadside, or BOTH) will be put onto a data sheet for HSL to see.
With enough re-assurance, you can bet to see the re-release of both the Scorcher and Broadside in the SS Soap Shop.

So come on people, lets get these numbers up. And soon, you'll get to be rockin' the high-tech Soaps.

Jul 17, 2007SpiderSoaper

wat's the difference from the other thread "Scorchers...Broadsides...Interested?"

Jul 17, 2007vault

yeah i gave u an email already i want both im willing to pay for both too.


Jul 17, 2007AnthoFlex

Currently, the Broadside list is kicking the Scorcher list's ass, haha

Just the way I like it


The cool thing about BOTH the Broadside and Scorcher is that if HSL decides to re-release them, all you big feet out there (Sizes 13 and 14) will be covered because size 13 and 14 molds for both shoes already exist.


i think since the broadsides are kicking ass they should replace the express with the scorcher


do you have any material to present? last time i tried to do this, they claimed that they lost the molds and all supporting materials for the shoes.

if not, you should study up on 'clinic in a can' - i have it ripped and could upload it.

they outline the materials used all of the shoes. and as you all know, the materials used in the scorcher is what made them popular. the running-shoe weight and feel is what made them awesome. simply mocking up another scorcher with inferior/different materials will not be sufficient.

same goes with the broadsides - except oppsite. the materials used in the broadsides were too cheap for such a complex shoe. the lowers often ripped in between the grindplates.

anyway, this is a big challenge, and has been somewhat tried before. if yall need help, let me know.


Actually I was a little curious if you could upload a FEW of the videos you already have up in a better quality. If you ever have the time to do that, it would be pretty sweet.
Jul 16, 2007RamenRadio
And yeah, replacing the express with the scorcher would be so sick man.


oh i didn't know that they claim to have lost the supporting materials for the scorchers. there goes my idea. but yea that would be nice if u can upload clinic in a can


my idea would have been sooooo sick man
Jul 16, 2007AnthoFlex
Hey Derek, if you have AIM, can you Instant Message Me at AnthoFlex ? I really would like to talk more about this


I have a copy of Clinic In A Can. I've studied every last bit of Soapshoes even before i got my hands on Clinic In A Can.

Clinic in a can just confirmed some questions that i have had left unanswered.


I'm making sure that i have some material to bring in.

2 Broadsides
1 Scorcher

And quite a few data sheets. I'm trying to remember what else.

They claimed to have lost the molds and all of that? How long ago was that? Because they just told us recently they have all the molds and that the reason they dunt release em is because its "cost-sensitive without proper re-assurance"


"cost-sensitive" my ass


"cost-sensitive without proper re-assurance" ...the hell? seems like they're trying to throw you off the scent with some ridiculously sophisticated money talk? Surely "not cost effective" would have sufficed. But I see what they're saying, without evidence that there's a potential market and scope for growth they're not going to act. Good luck with it though, hopefully you've got some impressive numbers to show them, have you got a date set for the meeting?


Steve is taking care of that.

Thanx for wishing us luck


Business Jargon Translator:
Cost-Sensative without proper re-assurance = We don't think it's worth putting the money into, since we don't beleive we could sell enough to make a profit.

They do have all the molds, Steve was there when they handed over all the molds to HSL during the puchase.

Thanks Derek, we do have material, we have sales records, mass of surveys, and other things. We are going to put together a good presentation and really take it to them. Hopefully at least the broadsides will make it out, and in size 13 and 14, i need a new pair of SOAPs bad. Plus broadsides (as renny has shown and told me) are uber-comfertable, the soft rubber and lots of fuzzy padding.

But don't worry, I placed top 10 in the nation for E-commerce two years in a row, and the competition was putting together sales presentations (within 30 minutes i might add). Steve's been doing this type of stuff for a long while, and Renny, well he's Renny lol, he knows SOAPs like the back of his hand.

Plus at least now we have data to show that the shoes can and do sell, as well as who they are selling to (expecally that they are selling to the market that HSL hasn't been able to touch, teens and older teens, thus combining Heelys for little kids, and SOAPs for when they grow up, we can show HSL how to keep the market share).

plus, we're putting together a vid of team SSS, to show all the new SOAP stuff that's been going on.


NO offense Trev, but i need to combat the whole SSS video thing....

Dude, if you wanna build a successful team, you cant really just put noobs who havent even gotten their shoes yet into a list and say that they are a team member.

I think if you are gonna make an SSS video, you gotta find the people on the list who are actually Soaping, who can actually do WOW things. For example: You, Me, Trey Davis and Stuart Pickson (slidey).


and its true...i know Soap like the back of my own hand *looks at hand*



Jul 17, 2007AnthoFlex

Because Keith fucked the other one up, so i just copied all the comments to here

Jul 17, 2007AnthoFlex

Let the OTHER one sink to the bottom

Jul 17, 2007SpiderSoaper

wat.........wats going on here? everything repeated

Jul 17, 2007AnthoFlex

I copied everything from the old one onto here because Keith used a font growing HTML and forgot to close it properly and it destoryed the other thread. If you reply, your comment fonts out bigger than the comment before it

Jul 17, 2007Kile

how about screw that scorchers suck bring the A-sides into the future if anything

Jul 17, 2007Altman

If anything they'll need to prove to HSL that we want the Broadsides. maybe then they'll release the A-Sides.

Jul 17, 2007SpiderSoaper

but i'm not totally into the sole plates, a little not alot though, i want scorchers

Jul 17, 2007RamenRadio

But no one wants scorchers lol

Jul 17, 2007RamenRadio

* asides

Jul 17, 2007RamenRadio

I meant to say no one wants asides lol

The list didn't go past 40 or something. No one wants those shoes

Jul 17, 2007SpiderSoaper

the asides u mean, why not those by the way, dont they have a lock on?

Jul 17, 2007RamenRadio

XD It's just a modified express plate with a sole plate, it's nothing special. I'd take a pair of broadsides or Mr. Wilsons or scorchers or Tbones or any other shoe over those ANY DAY XD

I hate those shoes after taking a half decent look at them

Jul 17, 2007Altman

Then again Travis, we learned this weekend why you don't need Broadsides.

Jul 17, 2007RamenRadio

So what are you saying? I don't get what your trying to get at

Jul 17, 2007Altman

I'm just saying that you don't need Broadsides because of what Renny found out.

Jul 17, 2007SpiderSoaper

u two got a secret going on?

Jul 17, 2007Altman

No. It's just someone that happened on Sunday while Travis brought his T-Bones to Queens.

Jul 17, 2007RamenRadio

I have a pair of Tbones and a pair of Mr. Wilsons, so no I don't need broadsides at all. I want a pair, but I don't really need them much.

And I found out with the help of renny that I can do a full sole makio on a pair of Tbones if I just focus on the heel and not the front of the shoe. If I do that, then I can do it just fine. It works rather nicely.

Jul 17, 2007SpiderSoaper

oh, cool, but still i want scorchers and scabs (yea scabs i said, off topic)

Jul 17, 2007RamenRadio

I have three pairs, those shoes are sick :D

Jul 17, 2007SpiderSoaper

well...mr greedy r u...haha jus playin, but ur lucky, i want some

Jul 17, 2007Page645


Jul 17, 2007Page645

best thing is i get to do that whenever i soap with trav

Jul 17, 2007RamenRadio

Get to do what?

Jul 17, 2007Page645

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......scabs thats what

Jul 17, 2007Page645

dammit scabs.thats what

Jul 17, 2007Page645

aaaarrrgh!! i need to learn to put in fucking periods dammit

Jul 18, 2007SapAuthor

page645, please condense your posts into a single post, if possible.

and the aside has a plate closer to the scorcher (a faster plate), plus i hear they are lighter weight and such.

But Renny and Steve are right on this one, the aside was only made in size 9, and HSL is goign to be edgy as it is bringing out an already existing model, they won't go for aside, at least not yet. I think the first step is bring out broadside or scorchers, keep improving sales, and show HSL that soaps can compliment HSL, not work against them.

Brooks from HSL marketing (not broox) gave me the percentages of sales on the heelys shoe sizes, and they sell mostly size 5 6 and 7, soaps mainly sell 8+ If we sold as many as we did, and still selling, with the limited marketing we have had (mainly word of mouth, here, and my 1000 some fanbase). If HSL put some time into SOAPs once more, they could have the kids get their heelys, and after they are done have them move onto SOAPs for the rest of their lives. Heck, i've been getting surveys with people as high in age as 29.

I think maybe the guy who suggested the wheel in the beginning might have had a valid point, SOAPs are a kind of useless for really little kids cuz they can't jump, and can't do rails, but are perfect for teens on up. I think it would benefit us soapers and HSL if they put at least some more effert into bringing soaps back with a couple of models (express for lower cost, scorchers for speed freeks and lightness, and broadside for lateral plate) they could be looking at a good amount of money and sales. We have yet to begin to tap all the past soapers, people are still only just finding out that SOAPs are back.

Jul 18, 2007Rynasty

I'm glad you figured it out. I've been saying all along that heelys need to be geared towards little kids, and soaps for the older kids / young adults. I hope HSL goes for it.

Jul 18, 2007AnthoFlex

also, both the Scorcher and Broadside lists have age groups higher than that of Heelys.

Currently the lowest age on the:

Broadside List: 10
Scorcher List: 10

Actually, now that i look at it, its the same kid. He put his name down for BOTH.

I decided not to make a "BOTH" list. It will just throw the data off. Instead, those who are on both lists are color-coded Green

Jul 18, 2007AnthoFlex

The HIGHEST age on the:

Broadside List: 24
Scorcher List: 29

Jul 19, 2007Page645

sorry trey will do

Jul 19, 2007SapAuthor

even though i rarely get time to grind,k and i'm not the best at it, i will buy soaps as long as I can, for the rest of my life if they stay around, the high arch and the ones with the flexible rubber are uber comfertable, and that's what really counts in my opinion, no one wants a shoe that hurts to wear.

Jul 20, 2007Draker

the scorcher's plate is way more special than the speedster...

but! a fusion can be possible

Jul 20, 2007vault

huh? dude wat?

Jul 20, 2007RamenRadio

Um, the speedster plate IS the plate on the scorchers lol

I don't know what you are trying to say. Maybe you were talking about putting a sole plate and a speedster plate together I dunno.

Jul 20, 2007vault

yeah thats wat i thought he said

Jul 20, 2007RamenRadio

Funny thing is that I didn't see sole plate in anything he said lol

Jul 20, 2007Page645

same here

Jul 21, 2007SpiderSoaper

damn, i want scorchers...then again i also want prabas and sylons,then i'll stop complaning, if only hsl can bring them all back like the good old days......even thogh i never knew soaps in the good old days,lol, but i can imagine how the good old days were

Jul 22, 2007Megashadow77

I just got one thing to say....


Jul 23, 2007AnthoFlex

werd werd werd

Jul 23, 2007Megashadow77

I think I stand for the majority of the soaping community when I say this...

*george bush voice*
I am not here decrease your interest in the Scorchers. I am not here to increase your interest in the Broadside. I am here to help the entire soaping community.
Ya see, Scorchers, as fast, and incredible of shoes as they are, are just, ya know, another Soap Shoe, with a glued on plate. It's a great addition to a collection, and a great shoe, from what I've heard.
But, the broadside. The god of all soaps. All bow before it's greatness. It was thought to end up overtaked by it's little brother, the A-Sides, but it didn't happen, it couldn't happen. The broadsides are great for obvious reasons. Sole plate.
Now, I just want to sum this up in a sentence or two. The Scorcher, is a benefit. But the Broadside, is a neccessity.

Jul 23, 2007SpiderSoaper

if incase hsl does release the broadside, would the realease a-side and the other models(abe lincoln's black sylons.......praba.....yummmmm)?

Jul 23, 2007RamenRadio

Definitely not asides.

If they aren't going to release the broadsides if they have all the molds to that, they certainly are not going to make molds that they do not have for asides.

Jul 23, 2007AnthoFlex

HOnestly, i think they would be more willing to release a mdel of their own rather than one of that from the Artemis days

Jul 23, 2007RamenRadio

If they had all the molds, perhaps. If only they had made all of the molds for the asides. :(

Jul 23, 2007RamenRadio

I mean, that way there could be no way of backing out of releasing those shoes.

Jul 23, 2007RamenRadio

btw Renny, that was a good point you made. I wouldn't have thought of that lol

Jul 23, 2007mgm

Okay if you believe that they would rather release their own model what is the point of trying to push them into rereleasing old models?

Jul 23, 2007AnthoFlex

I was just thinking like HSL man. Don't try to make it sound like im fucking doing sumthing wrong.

I'm looking at it from different views. You gotta look at what they are most likely to think, the size molds that are already available.

You think imma bust my ass trying to get a shoe released that HSL was emo about back in the day and also is currently existent in only ONE size?

Jul 23, 2007RamenRadio

The reason why we push for the older moldels is because they have the molds for them. The HSL shoes only go up to a size 12, and some people out there need a size 13 or 14.

However, it is true that they would probably like releasing their own shoe than open up some old molds. If they had the molds for the asides, they probably would have released the asides a long long time ago.

Jul 23, 2007AnthoFlex

yea, if HSL had (or secretly HAS) A-side molds in 9 and up, i would shoot for the release of those

Jul 23, 2007RamenRadio

I don't get why they should keep THAT a secret lol

It's their own model, if anything they should have kept secret that they have everything from the artimis and instride days a secret. It wouldn't make sense to keep secret a mold for their own shoe.

But perhaps they just want to focus on heelys out of anything, who knows.

Jul 23, 2007SapAuthor

yeah, there's only 1 size for A-side, and renny and i doubt HSL will want to invest time into making the other sizes.

And i do agree with the statement of the broadside, yes they are lighter and faster, but broadside opens up more trick ability, plus the shoe (as renny put) is like putting ur foot into a cloud, very cushiony. THe scrochers may be lighter and faster, but (and the survey is supporting this) broadsides are still leading 2:1

Jul 23, 2007SapAuthor

(sorry to double post)

But hopefully, maybe, we can get both, we want both released, becuase then in my opinion we have all the soaps we need for now, a fast one, a low cost economy one, and a 50/50 plate one.

Jul 25, 2007rhinoskater30

Not saying the Scorchers suck, but we NEED a 50-50 plate. Express are definately good, but the only thing holding them from being fantasmic is the 50-50 plate.

Jul 25, 2007AnthoFlex

50-50 plate is the normal plate dude. You are thinking about the Sole plates

Jul 26, 2007Altman


Jul 30, 2007rhinoskater30

oh sorry, I knew what I was talking about, but I got confused with what someone else said. I haven't Soaped in forever. :(

Aug 18, 2007RadioSpade

Well, it's august, and this post has dropped to the second page. Is there any new news?

Aug 18, 2007MusicSoaper

Well, they are trying to get them to do it. But if they haven't said anything about it, then apparently nothing has happened at all...except for a new shipment of expresses.

Aug 18, 2007SapAuthor

news is that sales are starting to slow up, and HSL won't give us the time of day. Steve won't stop till we get an audience, but we need you all to continue to tell friends about SOAPs, get more sales in, go SOAP out on the street, etc.

Me and Renny are working on the website and builder game, and after i show steve teh site (he had to cancel the last demo of the site) and also get my new hosting service in a week, we'll get the game up (hopefully it will be finished by them), do away with the order form system and make it instant pay, have new fun stuff to use, a non-all-flash site, i'll put up the new SOAP forum with no spambots, and the chatroom.

Aug 20, 2007soapbofo

i think its good news they restocked.2 me this looks like they just want to make sure they can sell before they are rereleased.

Aug 20, 2007greenfire8484

lets hope thats the case

though its improbable. Highly improbable.

But how sweet would that be!?

Aug 20, 2007AnthoFlex

All this negative thinking, wtf is wrong with you people?

Aug 20, 2007soapbofo

negative? no way
no i was being positive but now that i read again i can see how it could sound negative

Aug 21, 2007AnthoFlex

no worries dude, its all good

Aug 21, 2007Kru

Had to choose glued on plates. No offense the broadside is a sweet shoe, I wouldn't mind owning a pair. But it would of really awakened me to see if you can get the bolt on plate back.

Aug 21, 2007AnthoFlex

that would just make the shoe heavy as hell

Aug 21, 2007Kru

To me at least. The bolt on shoes feel more sturdier then the glued on shoes. The way the shoe cuts and pivots with the foot is completely different as well. I can't hit stair ledges with these express plates for shit. The angle is so minuscule. It either catches on itself or the plate derails itself to the rubber causing mishap.

Aug 21, 2007AnthoFlex

maybe becuase you have no lock in grooves

Aug 22, 2007sonic

maybe its cuz express suck..

Aug 22, 2007AnthoFlex

Maybe you suck

Aug 22, 2007LVsoaper12

sonic express does not suck,there cool shoes and if say they suck will trow heelys at u that's why they made heely's to throw at people

Aug 22, 2007Megashadow77

Express are a very light an durable shoe, I mean, I prefer BBK Plate over Express plate, but the Express is a solid shoe....and a light one at that. Helps you jump freaking high.

Aug 22, 2007Page645

you know i hated the express but ive come to learn to love this shoes as if it were my son

Aug 22, 2007iwantsoapshoes

you do know that sonic is me, right?

Aug 22, 2007Megashadow77


Aug 22, 2007Megashadow77

CJ!!!! HAHAAHAHAH! What does that stand for? CHARLES JENKINS?!?!?!? AHAHAAHHAHAHAHA!

But in all fairness, I'm just messin with ya....pfff....haha....CJ! AHAAHAHAHAHAAHAH!

Aug 22, 2007Kru

Well then sorry for taking liking to the UHF plates. They have no gimmicks in the mold. So to the user its all skill and no lock, that is unless you heavily use and put a groove in.

Aug 29, 2007PixelEater

I'm in Plano next to Carrollton. If having one more person present would help, let me know.

Sep 20, 2007RamenRadio


Any updates peoples?

Sep 20, 2007AnthoFlex

i'll tell you whats new on AIM, not here

Oct 8, 2008Tailschao

A bit late... but, what was the last bit of news concerning this?

Oct 12, 2008iwantsoapshoes

Moar liek a year late.

Oct 12, 2008Tailschao


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