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Soap + Science = FUN
Sep 14, 2001 by alexei

patro writes "In science we have to do this project on speed so we did it on how fast we go down a rail and tested the different shoes/ plates. The times are taken off a 10.5 meter handrail, unwaxed, no kinks, painted, and doing a frontside. Here are some of the results: Scorchers 2.15 seconds Boltars (BBK) 2.54 seconds Broadsides 2.59 seconds Sylons (Octanes) 2.46 sec. Forklift (curb busters) 2.60 sec. Boltars (Slo bro) 2.66 It was fun seeing the results. PATRO" While not a complete surprise for those who have tried all the plates, I still think it's very cool you could do a project on it!

Sep 27, 2015 Novasoaper

I might do this....

Sep 28, 2015 Waffle

Good Luck finding any plates besides UHF.
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