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Welcome to Solid Grind.com
A site dedicated to the Soap/Grind Shoe Scene

Soap Shoes (grind shoes, rather) are shoes that have plastic plates in the sole that allow you to slide across things such as handrails, ledges, benches, and many other things. It's very similar to aggresive inline skating - except you only need shoes! This site is dedicated to promoting and documenting everything about the activity.
Nov 22, 2014 by Louis

It's with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Travis, known on here as Zelda, who was a big part of this community and a great friend to many on this site. Please watch the tribute video posted by his friend Greg, known here as grug250.

Jul 14, 2008 by Louis

There seems to be problems with the forum and people not being able to see their comments and/or what they type.

I've found a simple solution to this, simply refresh (pressing F5 on most keyboards) the page over and over until the comments pop back up. It's a pain sometimes, but it works. Has anyone thought of contacting Derek to fix this? I'm sure he could fix it very quickly.
May 4, 2008 by Louis

Hi guys,
Sorry to make my first post in a while a rather downbeat one, but I would like to remind all of solidgrind's (very dedicated) members what this place is about and always has been about since the brooksfsw days... sharing the love of the sport!
Unfortunately, some people have been getting rather abusive on the forums, and while I have so far let this stuff just pass (as have most of you guys by letting threads just sink) I have had to get a bit more decisive and just remove abusive posts. Please, lets keep solidgrind a happy place! I know I'm not all that integrated in the current wave of soaping and solidgrind activity, but I am still here and I still care about it, and I can see you guys are too! You've all done a lot of good and hard work to spread the word on soapshoes, so don't let it go to ruins!
Thanks guys!
Louis - UKFSW for life!
Jul 3, 2007 by dunk

So lets see your photos, we're actively accepting submissions and I'll personally ensure that they get posted to Solid Grind assuming they're sick enough. So come on guys, show us your stuff.

To post a picture log into your account and click 'submit pics' from the left hand menu, your pictures need to be saved in JPG format and should be sick. Simple as that.
Jun 19, 2007 by broox

Alright dudes, I finally got some time to devote to getting SolidGrind all fixed up. That said, I've got some good news and bad news.

First comes the bad news. Some really annoying bad news. Anyone who has submitted photos since we moved to the new server (April 2nd), you'll need to resubmit your pics. :( I'm super annoyed by this. This one is actually 100% my fault and not Mosso's. I left a server path hardcoded in the photo submission code. It looks like this affects photos submitted by: sam, matrix8967, darkvermillion, ohanzee, slidy, spidersoaper, darkshortyx, kobansora, troy, xjeremiahx, tonyhawk111, soaper16, and qnzwarrior420.

If I ever meet any of yall in that list of names, I hereby grant you 1 free punch.

Next comes the good news.

1. I fixed the admin up so that the site moderators can now post photos you submit. There's still a really big list of pending photos, plus about 20 that failed in the last couple months.
2. I cleaned up some spam in the forum and also blocked over 300 users that I identified as spamming bots. I'm sure there are about 300 more, but I wrote a script that blocked the obvious ones.
3. I removed akismet (the wordpress spam filter) from the forum. It seemed like it was only blocking you guys and never blocking the actual spammers, wtf??? So it's gone - we'll see how it does. It should make posting much less annoying for yall.
4. Users marked as spammers don't show up in the user list anymore.

Now - what else is broken? I've heard a couple photos don't match their captions and/or thumbnails. Anyone know of some off the top of their head?
Also, is there any spam/spammers that I missed?

Things are looking better going forward...
Cullen Wurzer hittin a Royale on the school handrails
Luke Williams with a bike rack grind
Ryan Armstrong hittin a Royale